It's Tuesday already??

If it wasn't for my friend Corey nagging me to post again, I think I would've fallen into that trap where the real world takes more importance that blogging. Sorry, life gets in the way from boring posts proving the world is secretly robert-centric but no-one has caught on yet.

Lets recap: I did nothing all week.

Went to work Monday, half a day on Tuesday and some on Thursday. Then I didn't leave my house until Sunday night to see Midway at the Viper Room. Nothing like 70 degree late nights after the unbearable inland heat and banana flavored Dick Tarts.

Looking forward to Kiss or Kill on Tuesday: Atomic Missles, Silver Needle, Nu-tra, The Randies, and So Unloved. When I first saw So Unloved they sounded like the band Hole and the second time was much more screamo. As their myspace page notes "L7 meets Rancid". Curious to see how they do tonight after the musically wide ranging line up tonight.

Something for everyone at Kiss or Kill.

Oh Kork has a big billboard over Sunset Blvd. A billboard. Funny. Now we need to wrap some MTA buses with full color graphics.


  1. Anonymous3:36 AM

    NAG NAG NAG 3:35am Seacrest Out!!


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