I was Mr Social last night.

Missed the Atomic Missiles AND Silver Needle. That sucked. Stupid radiator hose made me late.

Talked to some folks during my 2 PBRs about two fisting...beers. Rambled on with Midway Kevin and briefly Emily, Sean (Blockage!) and Juliagulia (coolia), Matt from Bang Sugar Bang was being an Eeyore instead of his Tigger self, but some days are just like that. Gave Laura Randie hello hugs three or four times. The Randies played great and I sang along with a very drunk Joe for some small bits.

Said hi to people.

Made a point to stop people I know of, but didn't know as they walk by to talk them up. Twice asked people what their real names were since a lot of people go by nicknames, and then felt dumb when those were their actual names. Re-introduced myself to Omega from So Unloved, but mostly wanted to tell her that they played a great set last night. Meet one the members of this band that I've been digging lately (they play 5.26 and 6.21). Also bugged the hell out of Kevin and Corey and everyone else I think.

I was in a very cheap beer, had a crappy pre-kork afternoon, hyper type of mood..



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