Los Abandoned / Sonntag @ HOB last night


It's a good sign when you walk into a club in the middle of a band's set and like what you hear. That's what happened when I got to the House of Blues last night with my first introduction to .

This is the description from their cd baby link where you can buy the cd:
    Not your typical girl vocalist. Bumpy bass lines, electro beats and synth bits woven together by electric guitars that owe as much to punk-garage as they do to James Bond. This soundscape providing the backdrop to passionate tales of everyday existence.

Walked around the place a bit and came upon this real cute girl handing out Sonntag stickers and pushing the CDs aggressively. I think she mentioned they had CDs at least four times. Attempted signing up for the mailing list with a sharpie, which is slightly better than using a piece of charcoal.

2nd band: Good. Corey thought that they had very poppy Matchbox 20 type of sound. Mainstream stuff. I was bored mostly because of how much I liked Sonntag beforehand.

3rd band: Hmm. This band had a good sound but totally wrong placement on the bill. In a smaller club they would've been after the main act. You know when you're jazzed up from the main band, still tipsy and willing to linger around while you sober up a little more. This band would've been perfect for that. Corey thought it was like Primus jamming, but instead of heavy bass, it was heavy keyboards. A little trip hoppish groves.

Like I said, because of bad bill placement, this band nearly killed it for me. Just very draining and I noticed a lot of people bail midway through. I wasn't the only one who looked bored out of their mind.

4th band: ! Great set, much tighter than before. They had a new drummer who rock a little harder than the last one and Corey pointed out that they didn't use triggers for the background keyboard effects this time. I know they have been touring alot so I don't know if it was easier to dump them with a new drummer or if this is a new direction for them. Played a cool cover of X's song "Los Angeles" and the loyal LA fans loved the whole show.

This is not some weird fetish or anything, but I think Lady P has really cute knees. Just saying.

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