This week is starting to suck even more


So now my room-mate is screwing me over and is moving out this weekend. My fault for not having a more solid rental agreement with him. Maybe this is a payback of bad karma.

I was talking to my sister last week about him and mentioned that he was a few days late with his rent. When she found out he was an actor, she laughed her ass off.

"He's an actor for Christ sakes!" More laughter. "What did you expect?"

This coming from someone who makes a living as a musician (classical). Funny to think that there might be some perceived hierarchy in the art world where each group looks down on all the others.

Things to do
Tue: Kiss or Kill Club at Spacland tonight instead of the Echo
----- Los Abandoned at the House of Blues - sunset (this should be fun)
Fri 5.10: MIDWAY at the Scene in Glendale


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