Tonight Kiss or Kill, Tomorrow Disneyland!

One of my new years resolution was to say hi to more people at kiss or kill and so far so good. Will try not to wait three months to do so next time though. If I wanted more friends or a larger social group, I guess I need to make more of an effort, huh?

Playing at KorK tonight will be a band Porterville, named after city I once lived in for six months. I kindly referred to it as the armpit of the Central Valley, located nowhere conveniently between Fresno and Bakersfield. There was a Wal-Mart, a newly opened Target and Mervyns. It was big deal when Coco's opened up and then the excitement when Hollywood Video followed. Oddly they had THREE full size Pizza Hut restaurants, but nothing other than fast food. Weird. Honestly, the locals were nice but there was a strange culture shock of newcomers (crazy housing development Inland Empire style) and the co-existence with the farm workers and the older locals. Fresno down to Bakersfield is becoming a giant suburb.

Sorry - - Bang Sugar Bang are back from tour, along with Nutra, Silver Needle and the Dizzy Riders, I think.

The Randies play Wednesday for free at the Key Club

Don't forget this Friday for Kiss or Kill Compilation at the Knitting Factory.

Someone is giving me extra tickets for Disneyland tomorrow, which is also Media Day (closed to the public) for the 50th anniversary. New Buzzlight year dark ride (c-d ticket), new parades and uber firework show. I'm hoping they will be testing the revamped Space Mountain. (see below)

FYI: In the next year or so, the subs are coming back with a Finding Nemo theme, Space Mountain will switch at night to become Rock It Mountain with different visuals and a Van Halen soundtrack (track is the same, no loops), and the people mover might be back in a few years. In DCA, superstar limo is become Monsters Inc something. In WDW they will be doing a Star Tours with Pod-Racing at some point.


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