catching up

Spent the holidays watching Back to the Future 1-3 and attempted the whole Karate Kid series, but gave up through KK2. Back to the Future brought back some great memories even though 1985 wasn't all that special. Come to think of it, 8th grade kinda sucked.

I'm going to buy a delorean when I win the lottery and I don't care what you think about them

Tonight Kiss or Kill with Midway and Bang Sugar Bang.

Thursday: The Badbeats, Blockage, the Dollyrots and Visqueen at the Punk Rock Social This will be an amazing show with 2 dollar Newcastles too.

Oh I have tickets to see the taping of the show Hit Me Baby, One More Time with Tiffany!


Read this sad but fascinating story about Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) on

Cruel disease turns sufferers into statues
UCSF starting world's 2nd center on rare disorder that causes crippling bone growth


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