I had one of the crappiest days at work yesterday.

All the stupidity that started on Monday came to a head resulting in me being offended by someone blaming me for their mistake, hanging up on them mid-sentence, and a staff meeting with the owner and all of management. I calmly and slowly put this co-worker (who is supposed to be my assistant) in her place, point by point, dissecting every sentence of her misguided belief of being correct.

God I hate myself for it, but I nearly made her cry.

I backed off knowing I made my point clear to her, since everyone else knew she was already wrong and way out of line. I've done a few years of retail management and twice as much in this company, and I try to treat my co-workers as equals, but sometimes you just have to pull rank when their self importance interferes with the management structure. I'm asshole and I hate myself for being forced to do that, but I've been put in my place a few times before I learned that we are all disposable in the workplace.

Decided after the meeting that for some distraction, I would go see the most excellent (sorry I have Bill & Ted on the mind) bands New Maximum Donkey and The Power Cords. I wanted something to put me in a better mood.

As I turned onto Figueroa on my way there, the street was lit up for movie shoot of some sort. I've only lived in Southern California for 8 years, so part of me still finds stuff like this interesting, but lately I've been doing the "Oh great, the parking/traffic/street closures are going to suck" when I now see the tall crane lights. A surprising amount of trailers and trucks were there and had of course hogged up the parking surrounding . Found out that we can expect to see "Barbershop: the TV series" coming soon to UPN. They're milking that puppy for all it's worth, huh?

Seeing friends and great bands kept the day from getting worse and I wanted nothing more than to relax. Unfortunately it didn't quite work out as well as I hoped because I was too drained from the crap from work, and was way over thinking some personal stuff at the same time. Typical.

Sometimes no matter what you attempt, you can't make an already bad day any better.

I think I'm going to the zoo on Sunday. I love the zoo.



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