Work isn't as fun as Disneyland

I'm not at the happiest place on earth today (see last post). Decided to be responsible, act my age and trudge to work instead of taking advantage of free tix for media day. I've taken a bunch of time off to deal with some stuff, so now I'm exhausted, getting sick I fear, with projects piling up at work. You know, grown up stuff we all try to avoid.

Did Kiss or Kill and these things happened:
-Strangers kept bumping into me. No reason, just happened.
-Saw someone with someone (people I don't know) which led me think, "I didn't know that"
-I walked around the main floor in big circles a few times.
-Felt self conscious of my big hair. Needs to be cut.
-Didn't say hi to anyone new. (not a bad thing. I was tired)
-Someone tapped me on my shoulder. I don't know who.
-Matt from joined Silver Needle for a cover of "under pressure"
I told him how awesome it was and why I love staying late, because cool shit like that happens.
-Hello, Dancing Girl during the Dizzy Riders set anyone?
---I'm sorry to pick out one person, but that was on e of the funniest things I have ever seen. Strange ballet moves, that one Russian dance where you cross your arms, squat and kick up your legs one at a time. Yeah she did that. I'm glad she was having fun, but I was trying really hard not to laugh.
-I'm starting to love staying late for the last band.

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