Invader: RUBIKCUBISM (artshow)

This sounds like fun

Thanks to Sean Bonner for posting tons of info and links at for this artshow by the French artist Invader. I've seen a few posts about these gurilla art installations going up here in LA, so I think I'm going to check this out.

Description from the sixspace site
    On June 14, sixspace will experience an invasion with RUBIKCUBISM - a logical exhibition by French artist Invader featuring mosaics, video installation, and both small and large-scale sculptures. For the past five years, Invader has conducted worldwide "invasions" with custom site-specific mosaic pieces based on the 1978 video game "Space Invaders" created by Toshiro Nishikado; the streets of Paris, Tokyo, New York, London, and Los Angeles (among many others) have become components in his public art planetary invasion

Full Press Release


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