Happy music news for me

Los Abandoned
Photo by Lissa Hahn

Free show - May 10th at the House of Blues - Sunset Strip. They have been opening a bunch shows for label-mates Tegan and Sara lately, but all you need to know is that they are a fun, energetic band that you will fall in love with.

Must email your info to be on the list (unlimited) here

Listen to some samples here on their myspace page.

Sara Radle
Photo by Alayna Morris (www.grid-9.com)

is officially moving out to Los Angeles in a few months and I hope this means she'll be playing shows. I missed her when she came to LA with her band Lucy Loves Schroeder a few years ago, but made sure to catch two of her solo (with band) stops last year. SHe just finished recording a new version of one her songs with (Weezer, The Rentals) for her next album.

Sara's myspace page



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