My 4 hour commute home yesterday

4.30: Left work looking forward to taking a nap before Kiss or Kill.

5.15: Car starts overheating and I’m @ 20 miles to my house. With steam billowing out of my hood, I pulled off into a park in La Habra to wait for it to cool off and play video porker on my cell. This park is old, but well kept up, with early 60’s design to it. It still has some of those metal climbing structures shaped like a rocket that you don't see anymore.

5.30: Wondering why me and how am I going to get this fixed.

5.45: Filled radiator with water from a water fountain. Start car and the water is streaming out a tear in the radiator hose. Not good.

5.50: Two girls are walking by and startled me when they said hi. Both lay out on a blanket nearby together. This friendly couple is in stark contrast to the lame group who stare me down while I was filling up an empty Pepsi bottle. Any other day I would so out snob them, but I’m not feeling so great about myself right now.

6.00 Drove down to the Auto Zone off Beach and Imperial Hwy (good thing I knew where I was), but of course they didn't have one in stock, but the one three miles back does.

6.15 Went to a Mobil and talked to the mechanic. He is more than happy to fix it tomorrow.

6.30 Continued as my car was leaking the 3 miles to the next nearest Auto Zone.

7-7.45: Ripped out old hose, installed new one in AutoZone parking lot. Cut finger. I'm hungry.

8.00: Driving for about mile and my car is about to overheat again. Realized I forgot to top off the radiator with the coolant I also bought. Stopped, waited and fixed that little, but important detail.

8.30: Home. I smell. I’m grumpy and need to eat.


  1. Anonymous6:31 PM

    What car is that? Yours, or just a random fuckin car?

  2. A random car off google. I would never own a Ford.


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