106 degrees is too damn hot

Stayed home Friday night with my only excitement was a phone call in my local Albertsons.

All that supermarket excitement wore me out and I went to lay my head down on to the pillow and the damn thing was smoking hot.

How the fuck does a pillow radiate heat?

We all know flipping the pillow is like the oasis waiting for you in a desert, so I flipped it over to the "cool" side and quickly popped my eyelids open, chest pushed upwards with both hands.

What happen to the cool side?

All day you're sweating, just looking for comfort and off in the distance - is that a mirage? - No wait it's real! You’re using the last of your energy reserves sliding down the dune, momentum propelling your upper body down faster towards the tree line and there it is on the hottest day of the year: the cool underside of the pillow.

But no,
it was more like pulling a hot barbecue coal briquette out and laying your head on it.


Up by 6 am, cooked a giant breakfast, washed the car and decided to wax the whole thing in my garage with the door pulled down. Probably the best idea for mild heat exhaustion because even though I'd hydrated as much as possible and took a nap in the evening, I never did feel quite right afterwards .

Temp in my bedroom at 10pm: 96 degrees

So I did the smart thing and went to an all night dual birthday party at Ashley's ware/house until about five am.

From left to right:
The b-day girls, P+A+Me, and some of us were just too tired to party

Temp at 3 am: I guessing 80+.

End mandatory 'gees it's hot in the summer, go figure' post.


  1. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Thank you for posting a picture of me where I look like I just sucked a lemon.

    Not that I'm vain or anything.

  2. Anonymous11:36 AM

    And seriously, thanks for dancing. That was the coolest.

  3. that wasn;t me. I have no idea what you're talking about.

  4. wait a minute!... I heard you talked to both me and the zombie man when you were at the store...

    so who was exciting?
    were you trying to lead us both to thinking we were your only one true love?
    or worse yet are you trying to get us to fight over you?!?!?! I won't Robert... I just WON'T do it. I love you both too much...

    WAIT...wait EVEN another minute... who's to say there weren't even more phone calls to have been had... you damn dirty double agent... you've been cheating on me haven't you? HAVEN'T YOU!?!?!

    yeah it was pretty fuckin' hot at my house even as the sun was about to rise
    as I let out the last non-sleeping over guest it was still quite warm at the warehouse


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