what happen to saturday?

ok it's now 1.42am on Sunday and I should be more drunk. Sitting here at ashleys again not drunk. boring. cats trying to screw each other behind me and I'm a little jealous something is getting something tonight. sorry that's the lack of drinky in me that's talking.

ok it's now monday

All weekend was dedicated as a long goodbye to a friend who is moving back to NYC. After a confusing, rough start it was only recently did we start understanding each other.

Friday after hanging out at the Farmers Market we made our way to Kiss or Kill early enough to catch the Powercords. Ashley liked their cute, nervous nerdy boys nerd rock look and I kept saying how they've grown in confindence on stage. Silver Needle were up next to showcase for some UK warner reps while I was doing bar car in the parking lot then I went to catch The Strays you were cool and off stage very English polite as one would imagine.

(Jane, was that you?)

The couches outside remained filled with bodies on top of bodies, drunk requests to take it off were sometimes obliged, usually not. I did a lot as standing - watching - saw that why am I here look in her eyes. I worried about that one while distracted by a girl's drunk and meaningless hand in mine.

If you stay long enough after the club closes the creepy crawlies of east hollywood come up so close one could jump on top and give them a ride around the parking lot. It's 3.30 am and the hookers walk eastward blowing off cars with "oh no. you're too young for me sweetheart", their predators with shiny rims make passes through the empty painted slots wondering what action they missed. what action they always miss.

I finally fall into bed at 4.15 am on this first night of the holiday weekend.
I've been up for 23.5 hours.


  1. Anonymous11:08 PM

    well, you said goodbye to two friends this weekend. both redheads.


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