My little sister knows cooler people than me

I caught this one amazing band last night called Hobo Jazz, which reminded Corey and I of this old Bay Area band with the wonderful name The Fabulous Hedghogs.

Anyhow I totally forgot my sister knew the main guy in the band from music school. He now goes under the title That 1 Guy and has created this one string, upright bass, thingy out of metal pipes and electronics.



  1. HA! I have a CD of That 1 Guy which I picked up a number of years ago from a friend of mine in OR.

    It's a bit much to listen to all at once, but totally fantastic on the craziness scale.

  2. ...and I'd like to remind you... amongst others, you know Chissum, you know Pumpkin, and you know ME

    now don't you wanna change the title of this post?

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