Stilt Walkers & Jugglers?

Apparently for kiss or kill this Friday, not only do you get the following bands, but also New Fidelity has some stilt walkers & jugglers friends that work at the El Capitan Theater coming by just because.

Well because it's totally fucking stupid cool is what I say.

She's Your Sister 12:30 (love them)
Pu$$y Cow 11:45-12:15 (love them)
The New Fidelity 11:00-11:30 (love them)
Bobot Adrenaline 10:15-10:45 (love them)
Wrapt In Plastic 9:30-10:00
("To know them is to love them.
Those who didn't know them, love them afar"

which means I'm a TNG dork and I haven't seen this band yet)

Upcoming Kork dates (besides every Friday):

Sat 8.12.06
Hello Stranger's CD Release Party (once known as Vagenius)
Sat/Sun 8.26-8.27
Two days, 26 bands during Sunset Junction Street Fair
9.15.06 ?
The Muffs


  1. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Wow, KorK tomorrow, great! I don't suppose there's any particular fantastically compelling reason to go other than those listed?

    Hmm? HMM??


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