a long goodbye ends

Realized my Saturday was wasted with sleep and sweating it out in my unconditioned house. Woke up from second nap at 9 pm still feeling ill from the heat, showered and reached Ashley's house by 11 pm for a smaller get together for the NY girl. Banged on the metal sheets stuck between the chain link and steel poles as notice of my arrival. They were drunk my friends and needed smokes and jack in the box and with my sober arrival their plan was complete.

So sober me and drunk Corey bought a box parliments from the cute asain lady in the gas station box. She smiled at me like I was the first normal person she had seen all night in Boyle Heights. Maybe I was.

24 dollars later I had six sourdough jacks and corey's stupid potato wedges and crossed the golden state twice within half a mile. A little vodka in my soda, a draft started and more sleep on a couch at 2.30 am

I started drinking at 10am on Sunday.

the final goodbye for my NYC bound friend was the ye rustic inn and their bloodly mary breakfast. True friendship drags people out early but then again so does alcoholism.

This was my first bloody mary at 33.5 yrs of living, sad I know.
A girl jumped me from top of a bar booth. This should happen everytime I go out.
Sadly there was no keifer sightings.

We left at 3.30 in the afternoon.


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