Dear Anonymous

You will always be my favorite redhead.

Well except for Lucy 'cause she's everybody's favorite redhead.

Actually I think Woody Allen would be my number one favorite redhead if we go the co-gender route. Some old folk my go for Ann-Margaret or Carol Burnett if Lucy wasn't your kind of funny. I like Carol Burnett. She was silly and unlike Lucy still alive. The only thing Lucy is doing is pushing up daisies and they don’t get her jokes. Half imagine she's going 'oh come one! The pie factory skit? Hello? The grape squishing bit? Well fine fuck you stupid flowers! Do I have to call Desi over to smack you around?'

Anyhow I want to say I'm sorry. Your snarky comments are well deserved and quite amusing. Again I'm truly sorry. You know I love you.

You know who else I love (listening to) in the 80s? Rick Astley

That's a total lie, but the song is catchy.


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  2. Anonymous1:43 PM

    awww... your a sweetie.

    miss ya!

    your almost favorite redhead.


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