Happy Birthday xTx

Fucking everybody gets a happy birthday post today.

At least these people are worth it.
Is it bad to forget your brother's birthday but not some blogger that you will never meet?

Just wondering.

A year ago I came out of lurkerville to wish xTx a happy birthday partly because I love her fucked up mind, but party because begging for attention was not beneath her.

One day we will met.
It will happen*

I'll ask if you want to try a free Chick-Fil-A sample
You'll say 'no thanks'

It'll be hot.

*(after I go out drinking with deadpan which will happen too. really. if you're still interested. yes I suck. I know. just ask Cortney - she can tell you many a story)


  1. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Still interested. Again, in a totally heterosexual way.

  2. awww....

    not only a happy birthday to ME post, but a 33 pic to go along with it!

    you are awesomeness


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