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Deep Sea Diver, Jessica DobsonPhoto by Jessica Oyanagi

There is a wonderful article about in the OC Weekly that just went up today. Check it out here.

When I first heard her original girl+guitar demos I knew this was an artist to keep an eye on. Within a year or so, when I finally saw her perform a mostly solo set, I was blown away. The next week I saw her with a backing band and walked away even more amazed.

'Wow,wow and wow' I wrote back then (12/2004).

She is really that good.

random upcoming show listing after the jump

Tonight @ Kiss or Kill @ Safari Sams

The Randies are back tonight after playing the Southwest leg of the Warped Tour just long enough for this show then back on the road again. Come say hi

(making their Kiss or Kill debut) 12:30---
The Randies 11:45-12:15
The New Fidelity 11:00-11:30
The Knives (just back from their June tour) 10:15-10:45
The Rainman Suite 9:30-10:00

If you're looking for something different:

Z.O.N.K. is back to hit the Sunset Strip tonight
@ On the Rox, (Above the Roxy)
w/ Iration, Z.O.N.K., DJ Peyote Cody, Celeste Lear, Ed Valance


On work related note:

A vendor is trying to stick us with $20 transportation surcharge for a delivery they offered to make to us without mentioning that there would be a charge.

We have our own driver that picks up from them because they are only 3.5 miles away.
20 bucks is a little excessive for 3.5 miles don't you think?

So I just faxed them a very somewhat professional and stern list of reasons why they should void that charge out.

I ended the fax with:

I would appreciate a review of this matter at you earliest convenience.

Thanks a bunch.


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