normal is rare

This post should be all about rainbows and cotton candy.

Maybe a line about the peach snapple sunsets (thanks given to the high desert wildfire) from my drives back into LA this week.

Last night was a good night even;
Smiles from improvised music and spoken words
slowly turned my glass of Guinness with my left hand
in place
thinking of an introduction
that was nothing more
nor nothing less
and everything I wanted it to be.

This post should be about those things and not about that phone call I just ended two minutes ago. The one that completely ruined my day.

I felt so normal before that.


  1. Did they deny your bid for a sex change again. Those bastards....don't let them stop your dream.

  2. Anonymous1:21 PM

    what did she do now? dont worry, it's not weird.


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