I forgot I did that audio post until this morning. Silly me.

Nothing like trotting a whole house party of 20+ friends and strangers with drinks in hand to the lakes edge for the best in illegal fireworks that the black-market has to offer.

I should mention regarding that audio post I was worried about being killed by a car (or drunk driver) as I walked those few blocks rather than say a gang or something silly like that. Not that couldn't have happen there or even in the suburbs where I live (though the Asian gangs prefer home invasions in my area) actually, but it would've been unlikely with all the families enjoying the warm summer evening celebrations.

While the folks in my neighborhood might think Echo Park is ghetto, I like the area and hope to move in around there eventually as most of my friends live in those parts.

Pictures (as soon as I can snag some from ashley or corey) and stories coming up later.

I can't get this sulfer smell off me!


  1. Anonymous1:49 PM

    i have a story! there was a party this weekend... oh wait, she wasn't important enough because this new chick was leaving so he had to party with her ALL weekend long and couldn't remember to even so much as call and say he couldn't or didn't want to come.



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