Asobi Seksu @ the Echo 3.24.05

Looking forward to seeing out of NYC. When I first discovered them via jenyk/dot/com over a year (2 years?) ago, I emailed them asking about any possible west coast dates. I did the same when they later signed with a label and each time I received a short, but nice, response of " that would be cool, but we have no idea when" or something along those lines. Now with shows at the Detroit Bar tonight, The Echo tomorrow and a Spaceland show booked for April 2nd, I'm excited.

From their site:

    " What was once called shoegazer rock — blaring, shimmering, multilayered guitars enfolding confessions of longing and ambiguity — is back in Asobi Seksu, a New York band that wraps its guitars and keyboard around well-made pop melodies and the girlish ache of Yuki's voices."
    -Jon Pareles, New York Times, March 5, 2004

Stream their video for "Walk on the Moon" and listen to some mp3s here and check out more of the amazing art design by

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