The Pastry Gods have spoken

For some reason there were three boxes of pastries at last night. The hand written sign on the table read: "EAT ME! I'm free to take". Not sure who brought them, but I thought it was nice idea.

I was standing there chatting with Corey when this blond girl came up so excited to see the three pink pastry boxes, she looked up and proclaimed "The Pastry Gods have blessed us with treats" or something like that. Amusing.

The singer from the handed out some rough demos and since I enjoyed their last show I was pleased with the offering. They are very much inspired and I thought it was more of the Mick Jones side originally (vs. Joe Strummer), but after listening to the cd, I'm not so sure anymore.

Tonight 3/9 at : Great show with , and Ragsy. 21+ Free.


  1. Anonymous2:58 PM

    It wasn't my sister was it?

    she'd say something like that, and gets WAY too excited by sweets, and most of her life has been blond even though she's not now, she might have been in March... I think she was, I forget.

  2. Oh no it wasn't your sister.


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