Sunset Beach - I think lost $ 25,ooo dollars.

Felt lazy until Saturday night when Corey reminded me that Midway was playing out in Sunset Beach at , a cool laid back locals kind of bar with the one or two drunk beach riff raff as one person described it to me. The band who invited Midway to play, were cool and will be playing Kiss or Kill on 3/29. I over heard a few people giving Midway props during their set. Coming home I got stuck on the east 10 with a major ; 7 cars all lanes, closed, so I quickly pushed my through stupid people, did La Brea south with a bypass on Jefferson. Nice little 45 minute delay that got me home at 3.15 AM

Random: A girl that night was looking for a piece of paper to write on so I gave her the "Do our survey, win $" slip that I got from eating at Chili's earlier. She came back to point this out in case I wanted it back and I told her that maybe it was her lucky day and wished her luck. She'll probably win.

Super Random: Found out that Theresa from Midway was on the show .

Book your room
A Kiss or Kill wedding and bands play at the in Las Vegas, April 1st. The OAOT's, Silver Needle, Letter Openers, Underwater City People and Bang Sugar Bang. First band is on @ 11 PM (pretty sure) so you can make it after work.

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