Asobi Seksu + Tito Tacos = Yum

I'm working backwards

I wasn't really ready for what happened. I've read or heard them speak of how much more rock their live performances were, but rock isn't right. Every song played with a total immersion of sound with loud, fast strumming instead of the long feedback of the album. Awed as I was by their force, I could only imagine the audience members who thought it was to be mellower, cleaner, and maybe even poppier. We were all pleasantly unprepared.

I loved what they did to "Sooner", they played "untitled" and then the unreleased song I have generically titled "demo ep 03 (tiny little voices)" in my iTunes and started off with "Walk on the Moon". The singer seem so tiny walking around the venue earlier (the band seemed a little antsy), but once she got on stage with that amazing voice and the large sound coming from behind, it was easy to forget one's perspective. Don't miss them at Spaceland April 2nd.

Tito's Tacos
Oh my god or your god of choice. Amazing cheap tacos. Corey lives close to this place and was confident I would love it. Well Its 10 AM and my belly wants more right now!

Gees I'm lame, I need to get out and try these landmarks of yumminess (yes yumminess). Next week Pink's Okay, I've been there before.

No fun for me
Missed Kung Fu Hustle, but had a nice time driving in the Sony underground garage, waiting in the cold, watching the police arrest someone across the street, finding out it was full, and then getting a little promotional poster freebie. As the guy was handing out the poster, a fellow line waiter asked "what kind of poster is it?"

"A flat kind" I chimed in with. What a stupid question.

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  1. Anonymous11:44 PM

    hey ...

    i felt the same exact level of unexpectedness in the force asobi seksu portrayed when i saw them live a few months back ...

    i was expecting to hear their record performed live, i was blissfully wrong ...

    there is nothing quite like getting plowed over by a beautiful ten foot wall of noise, their show made me a believer ...

    i noticed that you mentioned that you have some of their live material in your itunes ...

    i would love to swap some with you if you're interested (i have a decent amount of their live stuff to trade) ...

    drop me and e-mail:



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