Windy Southern California

Welcome to news reports of 18-wheelers being blown over in the Inland Empire, clear views across the Los Angeles basin and the return of my allergies. Thanks wind.

Where was the wind now gusting through Southern California when I decided to fly a kite on Sunday? But then again, how could I resist when you can buy them at from 2.99 and up. I picked a cool turtle kite with featured a five foot long tail made up of smaller turtles for only six bucks and 3-D kites going for about ten dollars.

We all need to get our practice in since April is National Kite Month. You can also check out the American Kite Flying Association and locally the Up and Away Kite Club of Seal Beach

Did the Egyptians used kites to lift a 6,900-pound obelisk?



  1. Anonymous3:05 PM

    I don't remember this happening... but I didn't really see the light of day this last March...

    But boy howdy do I love wind!

    It's one of my super powers you know... that and fire... so fire winds... that could do some damage! Don't mess with me.

    Okay ya caught me, it's my pretend superhero version of myself's super powers... but don't mess with her!

    I would live and sleep in a wind tunnel if I could though... man I love the wind.


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