Butterflies and Beck

Maybe you saw them on the news if not in person, but Saturday was filled with Monarch butterflies making they're way up to Canada. Crazy amounts of them crossing the 15 near the 60/15 interchange and later as I was kite flying at the park. I thought it was really cool.

Enough of my crap. Here's something cool if you like Beck:

Go over and check out Stereogum's post for a flash video for "Gameboy/Homeboy Que Onda Guero remix".

Animation done by AudioDregs - I think this might be link to their site, but maybe not.

For you LBC folks, Midway is playing at Taco Beach tonight or come on out to Kiss or Kill at the Echo. Lineup: New Fidelity, Chromosome Tea, Bobot Adrenaline, the return of Bang Sugar Bang, and the Dollyrots finishing it off. All good stuff.



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