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SXSW 2005 Music Festival
Download the full schedule from their site AND the full SXSW 2005 Showcasing Artist mp3 library (750 songs) to your iPod® (BitTorrent files @ 2.5 gbs) Click Here Totally legal. (thanks to some depression)

Baby Got Back
I'm sorry. I mean , as in The Book. Imagine what a christian rap artist/church founder/preacher would do with Sir Mix A Lot's "Baby Got Back" and you might think it would have to be just horrible. Well this music video by Southpaw remains faithful to Sir Mix A Lot's rhyme structure and the video is well done quality-wise, so check it out if you dare. (thanks to Andy K'sblog)

Bored? Go see a show
March is turning out to be a busy time for shows. Just a few:
3/9 Jessie Deluxe @ the Joint
3/9 Mellowdrone, Eskimohunter @ King King (Eskimohunter every Wed. in March)
3/11 Margo Lee this Friday @ Fullerton (bummed, not my free weekend and close to my house)
3/13 @ House of Blues - Sunset (foundation room) also 3/15 at Kiss or Kill
3/17 Mia Doi Todd, Frausdots & Margo Lee @ Detroit Bar
3/23 Asobi Seksu from NYC @ Detroit Bar
3/24 Asobi Seksu @ The Echo w/Helen Stellar, Parker & Lily

Girl Fronted Friday
Last Friday at 14 Below was a triple threat line up of The Randies, Los Abandoned, and Go Betty Go.

put on one of the best sets I've seen in the longest time and the audience seemed to dig them. With a full room at the 9 pm slot, the band seemed to turn it on to a very receptive crowd. I wonder how many people came out since they were rightfully listed as "pick of the week" in the paper. hmm.

For , Corey and I couldn't get bouncing around since there were two layers of mostly guys just standing there against the stage. They sucked the life from the front of the audience, but the band played great and probably didn't even notice. Before we left, Corey gave Lady P a disc of pictures from the COI show a couple weeks back. I totally chickened out from introducing myself. Not that she would care, but I like to meet the bands I like a lot and let them know how much I like seeing them.

I was surprised how much I liked . Found them fun and better than I thought I would. I've heard a bit of smack about them musically and personally the last few months. Not on my favorites list, but I would go see them again in this kind of line up with the crowd warmed up by some great bands.



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