Burning Annie

Burning Annie, a movie coming out one day Posted by Hello

This week has been a blur with a trip all around LA county this past week. St. Patrick's Day was spent at the Pacific Design Center for the upcoming independant film ""Burning Annie". Basically about one college student's life influenced by Woody Allen's movie; a blessing and a curse. Tried to explain to my friend that when I was 10 or 12 watching Annie Hall made a mark on me. She didn't believe me and was more keen on stealing a couple really cool martini glasses from the open bar (and did). So I only had one martini and just wasn't feeling up to boozing and driving that night so we cruised down to Astro Burger to eat french fries and onion rings. Tried to determine where Hilary Swank chowed down after her Oscar win until I was too grumpy and rounded them up to go. "We can finish talking about that in the car" and the got up with keys in hand. Like I said, grumpy.



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