The Randies, Los Abandoned, Go Betty Go

Great show tonight at 14 Below and worth the 10 bucks they’re charging. I hope to bribe my way inside, but more than willing to pay mind you.

The Randies Signed to Elicit Records I really like this band.

Los Abandoned Recently signed to Neil Young’s label Vapor Records. (site under major construction)

Go Betty Go This will be my first time seeing them, so I'll keep an open mind.

Oh don’t get caught selling "genital stimulating devices" in Alabama. Nor Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee and the other usual suspected states. Fortunately, it’s still okay to own such things, but I would guess the second-hand market on EBay has been instantly killed off in those states. Ah ultra conservatives. gotta love them. not.

Mark Morford of SF Gate has written about this in his opinion column.
Also tonight: Midway at Mr T's Bowl (21+) in Highland Park, and playing at the alternit lounge/Knitting Factory --Saturday--on last, all ages. Both shows FREE.



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