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Del Taco
(This is from the cool police have got me on my knees blog.)

She is trying to get her friends to attempt a repeat of The 1st Annual Ultimate Del Taco Adventure!. Good luck to that!

The A Team Now hiring new members.

(This is from witz.org via waxy.org)
Last night end up spending more time outside the Silverlake Lounge than in it. Midway gave a great, but admittedly sloppy performance and at one point I jokingly asked if this was a rehearsal or a gig. The great thing about the band is that they have fun even messing up a song or two. Thought Porterville was the next band but instead it was ??? . I have no idea who they were, but they sounded good actually. Decided to leave early and get some real sleep and met up with Kevin by our car. An hour later we parted ways and felt bad for keeping him from seeing Porterville.

Oh had a yummy pastry from the danish pastry shop in Atwater Village while walking Cortney's dog. While walking to the shop we were in mid conversation when some guy walking quickly past us said "Hi, you and you" looking each of us directly in the eye. We turned to each other with that "huh?" look. I said something like "I'm not 'you" and you're not 'you". We have names!" It was amusing. Maybe you had to be there.

Tonight is one of the better lineups at Kiss or Kill.
Blockage – saw them at the Punk Rock Social and I think they’ll get some new KorK fans, The Letter Openers, Bobot Adrenaline, King Cheetah, and the amazing Bang Sugar Bang. 3 bucks, 18+ at the Echo.


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