Underneath Dinner

[needs serious rewriting/editing..my ideas are better than the end result]

Vanessa continued her thoughts on how much Steve was an asshole to Ann and Jeff as her foot rub up my leg. I was a little surprise that Vanessa was paying any attention to me today and worried she was just slumming it for her own amusement.

"...Steve still manages to surpass his last level of fucky-ness. I’m constantly surprised by this."

"Oh yeah, did you see that fat, dirty whore that came looking for him after work?” Ann questioned Vanessa and Jeff sitting on the opposite side of the table.

"That girl with the big blue eyes?" I asked. Ann wasn't going along with my thought already, "Odd choice of clothes, yes, but a lot of the guys didn't have a problem with her looks." She was now fish-tailing in her stool, "Oh so you would do her then?" I gave her that "ha-ha funny look" to her teasing, "I'm sorry, but Ugg boots will always be a deal breaker, no matter how hot you are."

Vanessa took a quick sip from her straw, and I caught a light smile behind the frosted mug. Ann continued to go off about Steve's "wandering prick problem" but it was Vanessa's eyes and the constant rubbing of her now shoeless foot that distracted me until our dinner arrived.

I changed my focus onto my burger preparation, which like house painting, is eighty percent prep work and twenty percent perfect bacon and swiss burger enjoyment. I first methodically spread the mayo on both halves of the bun and then slowly manipulated the ketchup to a constant rate of dispersion onto the patty center. Evenly spread so when I pressed the buns together it forces the slush of mayo and ketchup up to, but not over the edge. I slowly picked up the burger, left hand first and held each side like I was going to pitch a curve ball, taking note of the burger's center of gravity. I can only control so many variables such as the angle of intake or unpredictable nature of lettuce, so I carefully took the first bite over my plate. Vanessa and Jeff took noticed of my progress.

"Are you just starting to eat your burger?" Jeff asked. Vanessa commented on how she was half way done and that Jeff and Ann had nearly cleared their plates.

"Oh he always takes ten minutes to get his food just perfect and I swear he's the slowest eater ever. Watch, I'll come back from my smoke after I'm done and I'll bet he'll still be eating."

I swallowed and sat up straight "We Southern folks know how to eat properly at a fine eating establishment such as Chili’s. My family wasn’t raised in a shed like some people." I replied back to Ann. After some additional teasing, the group collectively decided I was more of an idiot than obsessive compulsive.

Through out dinner Vanessa kept her foot rubbing up and I had responded in kind by the time were finished. The pace had picked up during after dinner chatter about work and it was becoming harder for each of us to pay attention to the conversation. Addictively I wanted more and accidentally kicked my stool hard enough for the others to notice something.

Vanessa quickly covered, “What are you doing? Are you trying to kick me?”

Oh so playful I thought. “Yeah, I’m trying to tell you that hate you 'Nessa. Get the fuck out of here!” She raised her eyebrows and I smiled, “Yeah that's right, I don't like you anymore."

The group laughed and all I wanted to do was kiss her.


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