Margo Lee and the Kung Fu Hustle

Last minute plans to see Margo Lee (= Jessica Dobson = Deep Sea Diver)at the Key Club worked out to my favor: It gave me enough time to drive home (1.5 hrs), do laundry, take a power nap (2 hrs) get ready and make it out to her 11.30 set time. Brief detour looking for an open coffee shop at 10.45 pm to keep Cortney awake. We settled for some from the Jack in the Box across the street from Amoeba Records and were entertained/freaked out by a crazed/drug-tripping lady splashing a whole cup of water on her face while bitching on a cell phone. Ah Hollywood.

Margo Lee was playing an after party for the Fall Out Boy (part of the Fueled by Ramen and Friends tour) show at the House of Blues that night. I've never heard of any of these bands (Q: have you?) and wasn't blown over by what I've heard online either. So out of touch with MTV, oh well. When we got there, I think the Juliana Theory (I've heard of them) were finishing up on the main stage while we made our way into the plush room downstairs. As we waited (slowly steamed) inside we noticed copies of ELLEgirl magazines on top of the bar. Odd. Were they a show sponsor?

Introducing herself by her real name (as incorrectly billed) she played a bunch of songs I haven't heard before (no "Most Sundays" my favorite) and her band was as cool as she was. Really enjoyed the last song "spit you out" or something like that. Corey wonder if she had any cd/merch to buy and I overheard various people said some nice things about her during the set. One person to another: Isn't she great? She's so sweet too". aahh ;) I think it will be awhile before there is a cd available to buy.

Kung Fu Hustle
Corey has passes to see a screening of Kung Fu Hustle on the Sony lot in Culver City tonight and asked me to come along. Apparently it has been getting some great reviews so it should be fun. Since he lives maybe a mile up Overland from the studio, we'll probably hang out, eat, see the movie, and make our way separately to the Echo for Asobi Seksu. Then I'm done until Tuesday.


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