This gas thing is killing me. Over $3 a gallon for premium last Wednesday driving down Santa Monica Blvd. Ended up paying $ 2.78 for cheap gas, but I had no choice. $3 by next month? Ughy Ugh.

Drove 30 miles to Mr. T's Bowl in Highland Park (1 gallon) to see my favorite band Midway with 8 Bit, The Mormons, The Powercords, and some touring band called Bacon and Eggs. I guess Sean from Midway knew them from his days in Arlo.

The Powercords are a young band ala Weezer, or Ozma with a great poppy sound. They can only get better as they mature as performers and their sound evolves a bit more. I phrase it that way only because I didn't realize how much better the rest of the bands have gotten over the last two years.

Skipped out on Bacon and Eggs to get a soda and straw from Taco Bell down the street.

Menu: Welcome to Taco Bell, what can I get for you tonight?
Me: Could I get a large Pepsi and a soft taco?
Menu: Is that all?
Me: Yup.
Menu: You would like steak, chicken, or beef for your taco?
obvious upselling)
Me: Um, beef is fine.
Menu: I'm sorry, we won't have any beef for another ten minutes
Me: You don't have any beef?
I look at my friends, “Taco Bell ran out of beef! Someone forgot to boil the meat pouch."
Menu: You can get chicken or steak instead.
Me: Well I guess I'm going to order the chicken soft taco then.

I drive up laughing at the situation. No beef, and I’m getting the non chiper chicken.

Menu Guy: Hey, I gave you the soda for free. (1/2 gallon)
Me: That’s so cool. Thanks!
Menu Guy:What kind of sauce you like? Hot or mild?
Me: Hot
Menu Guy: We ran out of hot sauce
Me: Well I guess the mild sauce will have to do then huh?

I half expected to hear: Here's your soda, but we ran out of cups, but you can use your hands to form a one...would you like a straw with that? I'm sorry we ran out of straws too.

Went back and saw someone I needed to talk to but I decided to catch them inside instead of following behind her. I wanted to relax a bit so I got a beer from the wrong bartender who overcharged me a lot (@ 1/2 gallon) for a stupid miller highlife. Trying to ease the shyness out if I was going to make an introduction, but I couldn’t locate her. Spotted her out of the corner of my eye up by the bar when I was making my way to the front for 8 bit, but when the set was over she had bailed.

Guess there's always Craigslist again. Um no.

Checked out the new Midway merch and like all good bands they are selling underwear silkscreened with their logo. These two guys came up to Emily the bass player and said, “Wow you have underwear? She offered to sell some to them (@ 3 gallons) . “Well we were hoping we can have you try them on for us.”

I looked over thinking are you fucking serious?? Don’t they see that slightly annoyed guy watching less then two feet from you? Yup that’s her boyfriend. Emily easily deflected them and her boyfriend just took in stride. I can’t believe how clueless these guys were. Really, like some girl is going to think "oh okay this means people like me?? okay I'll do it!" Guys are so stupid. You have to get the girl drunk first before suggestive thoughts can be implanted into her subconscious.


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