So I broke it off.

That dirty whore called myspace.

Some of you managed to make your way to my not so secret blog here and will have already seen this. Deal.

    Yup, this is all about me 8.4.05

    All gone folks.

    This myspace blog has always been a back-up to my real one (I have two actually) and usually pulled in more views too, but I had to take it down because some of this is taken way out of context (my fault) and it was affecting people I care about.

    This blog is not a diary. I know people see this.

    I'm keeping the real one up, so for those who say they hate blogs yet read mine, please stop and admit that you actually like blogs. I understand the internet is public, but like television, if you have a problem with the content, then maybe you should change the channel.

    I love having readers, and don't plan on changing what I write about too much; yet keeping it off myspace will be helpful I think.


    I have a love/hate thing with blogging.

    On one hand I like the attention of seeing how many views a post can generate. I think I occasionally have something interesting to say, but maybe you read this to see how I can possibly top my last self indulgent post. I don't know.

    On the other hand I'm a very private person and it makes me nervous when someone mentions that they read this. A bit ironic.

    I hella can't write worth shit, I know

    Never claimed I could. If I cared enough I would write a book, hire an editor, a proof-reader, and a small monkey to bring me drinks while I wrote. The back cover would have a picture of me sitting in a smoking jacket, with said monkey. We both would be sporting monocles.

    Yes it is my blog and it is mostly about me. I'm fully secure in my insecurities, so let me say I'm sincere in my love of these bands (even if some of the members suck as people), and if I say something to you on a personal level (on or offline), I mean it. If you think of me as a kiss ass, an asshole, a snob, fine, I'm all that and more. I don't judge you because of your faults. Probably like you better because of them.

    Just so you know

    I'm prepared to explain when I'm called out on a post. I try to use my best judgment when posting about my interaction with people, but I'm also a clueless idiot, so feel free to let me know if something bothers you. I might delete it, modify it, or not give a shit and leave it up.

    I make shit up sometimes too, little stuff mostly if it helps the story. I once mention how I thought broccoli was gross in reference to a broccoli pie recipe. I like broccoli a lot actually, but the concept of a pie with broccoli as a primary ingredient still sounds gross. My friend and owner of said recipe gave me shit for this later when I wanted the beef and broccoli at dinner the other day.

    Some stuff happened days, weeks, months, even years before I posted about it.

    Sticks and stones will always hurt more than words. It's true.

    I leave BIG chunks out, and might post something that took up a whole ten minutes of a much larger situation.

    I'm still blogging, just not here.

    and yes I'm talking about you.

    I thank you for reading.

    ~robert dean

    btw, I love tony pierce busblog

    [I was all over the place mentally (ie distracted) when I wrote this, so it's more random than usual]


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