Not quite missed connections

At this post, Sean Bonner wrote about some amusing self made Missed Connection postings ala craigslist that The Sneeze created. There are only a handful so I'm not going to quote them, so take a look here.

Images of Transportation Voronoi Diagrams

I love missed connections on craigslist and yes, I even posted one myself a long time ago and got a reply too.

The biggest shock for me was seeing that email from her in my inbox. I remember staring at the words and blanking out on a response for at least an hour. What the heck was I going to say?

I think she was a little perturbed by the whole idea, admitting that she wasn't familiar with whole missed connections thing and wouldn't have known if her friend had not sent the post to her. I could imagine her friend describing MC as the site of choice for freaks and stalkers to post random sightings of strangers they were interested in.

Um, I guess that's partly true.

She was curious to know who I was, what I was wearing and even noted that I didn't have to write back. I sent this long convoluted response, not helping in bringing down the weirdness factor in retrospect, but I was still shocked by how this was turning out.

I never received an additional reply, and missed a chance to talk to her when she left by the time I talked myself into approaching her. She still remains a missed connection.

Posting on MC is seriously the lamest thing ever second only to me.



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