The Randies, Vagenius - Key Club 8.10.05

I couldn't decide which picture I liked better

Went out to the Key Club to see and Vagenius for this girls rock/Avon/mark cosmetic production thingy. Offering half price martinis (7 bucks) , free manicures, and allegedly half off admission with password, but the club ripped me off and I didn't feel like arguing over a dollar fifty. Gave the ticket guy my whatever look and went in.

Now the Randies are one of my favorite bands so seeing them at the Key Club is nice for the sound system alone and usually a decent crowd for these events. Walked inside and saw it was pretty empty on the floor, though they were probably more people boozing upstairs. It was five minutes past their 9 sharp set time and according to Jason (pancake) they had moved all the bands up by a half hour. How annoying for a promoter to do that considering the hassle people put up with parking and all the shit that happens on the Strip.

Vagenius pulled a ton of people in for their set, but since they were also early some of their fans got shafted too. Anyhow who starts a show at 7.30 in the first place and has the final band finish by 10.20? I wonder if these slap yourself on the back events actually do any good sometimes.


Stood in the back for and I swear it was like a flashback to bad 80s movie nightclub scenes where they have a couple minutes of some upcoming band playing. I think it's the keyboard-guitar thing that carries that stigma of cheesiness, but I can see how helpful if used fully like Vagenius did. They grew on me once I got over seeing kids who somehow raided my high school closet of clothes. Weird.

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