I woke up feeling the most solid I've been in weeks.

My fault for pushing myself with shows every other night, only getting four hours of sleep on average. But I did win a duck at Punk Rock Social- Live ", so going out has it perks at times.

New week, new month.

I'm excited about tomorrow at Kiss or Kill

Underwater City People 9:30pm

The Randies 10:10pm

Pu$$y Cow 10:50 (Aug resident band)

The Muffs 11:30

This show is $5 bucks instead of the normal $3


  1. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Awwww... nice ducky Robert! Glad you finally won something. (yes, he won more than just a Duckmandu duck)

    Treat the duck well, or we'll post this photo unedited!

  2. I'm such a schmuck for not writing about all the cool shit.

    Stickers, pins, A Blockage EP (which is honestly the best part), and the Punk Rock Social poster too!

    Please, that picture is horrible.



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