Normality will be attempted

These things will now be verboten after this post:

1) DG
2) One way crushes

This is the reality of the situation:

Impossible – no
Improbable – yes

I've been pretty obvious when I come out bouncing through the doorway, with eye contact generating smiles to her. I can’t hide it and she responds in a naturally friendly manner. I never did expected additional interest coming my way and that's just how it will remain telling her or not.

It’s all fine and dandy to write and feel and want and lust, but when it gets the best of me, overwhelms me, then I can't handle it. Back off, retreat, overload, circuits blown and I walk away from our conversation. Part shyness, part frustration of not acting like myself and speaking my thoughts.

Can I tell you something? Please don't take this the wrong way.
(Like this somehow excuses the uncomfortable moment I’m going to drop on you.)

Maybe you know this already, I think you might. I think you’re cool and neat and beautiful and I have this big ole crush on you and
…maybe you'll like to get coffee sometime
…maybe awkward silence
…maybe you can stop laughing at me
…maybe I’m going to walk away now

She doesn’t need to know any of this.

All I want is to be normal around her.



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