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I think DJ Cheese Zombie was right about my posts. This one is boring.

Friday I hung out with my friend Cortney and watched television at my house instead of catching Silver Needle, the Letter Openers and the Ben Vaughn Desert Classic play. I've managed to take a couple weeks from shows like I kept promising to do and with this cold, I really had no choice but to slow down.

I just read bio for this post and I already knew that he wrote the theme to That 70s Show, but he has also done a million much cooler things too, so I feel lame for missing him. He plays a lot of free shows at Mr T's Bowl, so next time.

Saturday I was to attend a birthday party in Hollywood, but I was still feeling sickly, so I passed. Part of it was that I think she's cute and I looked like shit. So pointless.

Also scheduled that night was an art/music show at Hangar 1018 featuring Gram Rabbit and 8 Bit. I've only seen GR once a couple years ago at the Scene and since then they have landed a record deal, played Morning Becomes Electric on KCRW [stream video], oh and played at Coachella this year. DJ Cheese Zombie went to this and agreed the singer is very hot, but possibly drugged out her mind too. Regardless I'm happy when cool bands can become successful doing their own weird thing. He also mentioned how the local hookers thought he was looking for date each time he drove past when he just trying to find parking.

Finally left my house on Sunday for the Punk Rock Social BBQ at the Anarchy Library. 8 bucks for free food and free beer until the keg ran out, which means it was breakfast, lunch and dinner for me. I still looked like shit.

I love their flyers.


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