Drive + Sleep + Drive

I had the most wonderful and boring weekend where all I did was sleep and had all my meals made for me. Thanks Mom! Missed the dragon boat races when I woke up around noon and the last thing I wanted to deal with was the toll plaza and parking. Oh well.

I'm going back up next weekend, so I'm going to try to squeeze some activities like eating at the Cheesesteak Shop and Blondie’s, and maybe a trip into the City.

My highlights:

A. Target for a prescription. Out of boredom, took my blood pressure (135 over 83 btw).

B. Toys-R-Us -- Just an evil place of depressed employees.

C. Safeway -- Just like Vons!
The wasn't fresh so I passed and they didn't have It-Its. Lame.

E. Park. -- Walked around my childhood stomping grounds with its now disintegrating trails and dried out fields. Depressing to see how reality hasn't kept up with your memories.

At the playground I saw this older, fat kid sitting on top of the slide, just hanging out with his younger (and thinner) siblings. Maybe he had a pre-existing health problem, maybe he was recovering from surgery with scars and tubes exiting into pouches just hidden underneath his shirt, or maybe if he moved some of his lazy, GTA master player ass up the steps and down the damn slide over and over again he wouldn't be so fat.

Just saying.

On my drive home Monday I pulled off in Atwater to visit me friend who wanted to cash in her gift certificate at the in Burbank. After a walk around on each side of the street we realized that it wasn't there anymore. Uber lame. How can a Fatburger go out of business?

Now I need Fatburger. Look at the the picture. You now need Fat Burger too.


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