I'll forget

unless I write it down, otherwise every night becomes a blur in my memory.

Started early with the beer during 's set. They sounded great (as always) and the timed synchronized kicks were amusing. Noticed new people enjoying them so hopefully word spreads on how amazing this band is.

Hung out at the bar and was going to say something to someone but still a little shy and only half way through my first beer. Looked up at the ceiling blankly, thinking of ways to not come off too awkwardly. Frustrated that I couldn't think of one, went outside and chatted with Laura red and Rain instead. In the end everything worked out as well as it could have realistically.

Walked to the car twice and show C. my new Converse high-tops, only because I haven't owned a pair since high school and felt unusually impulsive for buying them. I was a Doc Martin person for 10+ years straight back then, mostly because they held up to the beating I put them through. I'm a shoe killer.

Did a lot of bouncing around mumbling lyrics and drinking to the Randies, then stood back and watched Pu$$y Cow rock a very good sized, pre-Muffs crowd. Amazing that this is their 7th show and they're opening for the Muffs. They are living my rock star dreams.

I was never into the Muffs much over the years, so I really enjoyed my first time seeing them. Even vaguely recognized some songs which surprised me.

Went to a little get together afterwards, which was, um, interesting. Meet some very nice people so that's always cool.

I had planned on being at work at 6 this morning and knew that I was going to stay up all night to make it, but by the time I made it home at 4.30 I realized that in the last 48 hours I had slept for only 4.5 hours and already had been awake for 24 hours. No way was I going to survive without a little sleep.

Set the alarm for 5.30 and miraculously opened my eyes a little after 7. Oops.

Did you notice how people seemed a little more dressed up than usual? Didn't even recognize Cooper in her suit and hat when she said hi.

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