Just in case

Why is it that I write a lot on Fridays?

Today is another Payday Friday, which might have something to do with it.

Tonight is a sketch comedy show that a friend wrote and performs a few scenes in. I have no idea if it’s any good, but I might risk it and the trawling tow trucks of Hollywood who I fear will gobble up my car, and hold it hostage in the belly of a storage yard.

I got towed once back when T. worked at Sybase. God I use to love hanging out at that company when she worked into the night alone on her floor. This was 1993 or 94 and our POS Performa with the “new“ power pc chip had only a 26.8 k modem and 56K was becoming mainstream, but Sybase had a T1 if not T2 line. Sweet Kelly Clarkson, it was fast and free as I imagine she would be, but the web was much smaller then so you can only look at so much after a few days.

This one day I decided to go see a movie down the street, bored of random word searches in yahoo. Drove around until I found the prefect spot and parked up against the curb of this small neighboring complex and walked in. Now the curbs in this part of Emeryville are not your normal right angle kind. Oh no, no. The edge was smooth and rounded off like a driveway the whole way down the block, high enough for water to reach the drain, but also very deceiving. I got out, looked around and I swear it looked like a perfectly legal spot at the time.

Um no, it wasn’t.

The one open spot I had pulled into was a driveway as I was to find out a couple hours later.

300 bucks borrowed and a pissed off girlfriend are not fun things to deal with on a Friday afternoon let me tell you. So I’m extra careful now without an extra whatever it costs to get a car out of storage in cash on me, nor a girlfriend to borrow it from.

Obviously, my goal this weekend is to get a rich girlfriend.

Just in case.


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