campy tuesday kiss or kill recap

I'm sure this happens all the time.

A young lady noticably cracked out her mind, Mick Jagger style strutting through the middle of the Los Feliz and San Fernando Blvd intersection about 7 pm last night.

She was staioned slightly north when I came back ten minutes later just before the police copter signaled the arrival of ground units. I hope she's okay.

I figured it couldn’t get anymore exciting staying out in Glendale so I drove home, napped for a couple hours, showered and drove back to , walking in on the last three songs by Sounds of Asteroth. I was a little confused to the ultra neon wigs, drag queen backup singers, and a glittered up body of the lead singer at first, but a little camp didn’t take away from the poppy rock of this group.

Matt Southwell explained how this band was recommended to them, and he felt they were future residency material for sure. Not only were they a lot of fun, but they had a good draw which always help. I should know better than to come late (or leave early) for new KorK bands, and Sounds of Asteroth was a fun surprise.

put on a tighter set with a nice little moshpit for the younger kids to trample in. The band So Unloved and P-Cow with their Dead Mikman-ish sound should do an all ages shows I think, while crotchity old me will watch from the sides.

Best part of was the cover of the Spercial's Night Klub with Emily and Kevin from Midway playing their horns (the saxabone section). I felt like the Psychic Cat of the Third Street Promenade for pulling this cd out just a couple days ago randomly.

This show even got a minor mention in defamer too.

Finally saw , having managed to miss their shows for the last couple months. Took a few songs for the crowd to segue from P-Cow to the more refined sound of H2, but I noticed lots of fascination about what pedals and effect they were using, but all that is just gibberish to me. They were great, did I forget tosay that?

I totally was yapping in the back and made it in in time for them to finish the last song. Always a good show, so a bit bummed that I missed it.

Oh well.

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