Bar 107

I had every intention to drive home and not go out this week after seeing how tight screwed I was budget wise. Feeling strangled by this ropes I’ve placed around me, fully aware that I’m the only one who can untie them to move forward. This entanglement on top of a funk about my "not getting a raise in three years" thoughts and frustration with "I kind of think I want to spend time with someone*, yet realizing I'm not capable of committing myself financially or emotionally" blues.

It’s been worse and can say I haven’t been happier in years as a strange as it sounds.

When I’m like this I'm susceptible to the lets hang out, eat cheap, do some errands and hit the penny bar you keep blabbering about idea that my good friend suggested. Run off with the fishes is what I say [I so made that up] and off we did errands and with perfect timing our friend called willing to join us for food and drinks.

On the way there she said there was no way in hell she was walking out of that bar if drinks really were a penny, if this place actually existed, with a just as imaginary drink special. Always a doubter I thought then she followed up with a no matter what don't let her drunk dial request.

I cut over the three lanes where the 101 connected to the 110 and they all thought we were going to die trying to reach the 4th street exit, but we never did. Found the bar and instantly loved the room, long bar and mounted jackalope. Heavy Metal played on the TV screens while TV Tunes rocked the stereo. They placed straw hats on our heads and told us the mariachi band was playing in twenty minutes. They were there for a birthday party so one friend snuck some food while the other got drunk off those one centers even though she thought they tasted "like ass".

Shared two five dollar pitchers of Miller High Life and had this tasty black cherry-something-something mixed drink which was great and strong while I tired taking pictures with our stupid hats on. When my friend comes back inside from drunk-dialing I fess up abut a date I forgot to mention anything about. What I didn't tell you, my only real close friends in LA? You didn't see the post, oh yeah, that's my other blog I posted in. Yeah the one where he talks shit about us, she says. A shrug is given in reply and laughter as a side dish. Up next were the Did I do this, Did you do that questions. I shared enough to satisfy their curiosity; a movie, a dinner and I kept the rest to myself**.

Dropped our friend at her place and drove over to the Echo to waste time to sober up more. Pu$$y Cow was great for the last half of the set I saw. Found out from Matt Southwell during the Letter Openers that he's producing the Pu$$y Cow album old school, black flag, in three takes to nail it or it's not on the record way. Those were his words exactly.

Walked around say hi to my former movie date and a few others. Before leaving I told Laura Randie that she smelled nice while giving my hello/goodbye hug to her.

She always smells nice.

*hypothetical, not anyone in particular
**I answered all questions honestly and completely


  1. Anonymous11:17 PM

    There is this hot chick on Suicide Girls and I guess everybody on the site recently wrote her about how "HOT" she is and she felt like responding by saying "please somebody compliment me for something other than my boobs."
    I kinda think that "yes" they get way to many comments like "WOW You are way HOT" but... Then I thought well you can't really go and comment about something else now just to be the concerned guy. I wanted to say "Hey, ya wanna start a book club with me?" It conjured up this movie SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL and this Quote:

    Watts: It must be a drag to be a slave to the male sex drive.
    Keith: It's not just sex.
    Watts: Oh, you want to start a book club with her?

  2. Anonymous11:19 PM

    guess my tags don't work for shit.

  3. Anonymous11:46 PM

    maybe go here for the full effect:

  4. There was a Dinner....Fuckin A. Who paid? Did you end up eating something you didn't like just to impress?

  5. Ok mister - I gave in to the whole blogging thing, yeah mark your calenders boys and girls, here it is:

    as I said before - i can't link for shite.

  6. We split the bill, if I remember correctly.

    Love your blog title and address.

    DJ CZ, you'll be the best blogger ever.

  7. Anonymous9:04 AM

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