Nevermind the last post

[start live journal]
(oh no one of those posts again. ha ha)

I am beaten and shell cracked this day.
I long fornothingmore than a snuggle and curly fries.
yum curly fries.

I am moody.
I'm five minutes away from crying. My commute there is short and the people are nice, the music good, the drinks strong when you tip well. I just flew back in with sand still in my shoes.
grit and grain.
grit and grain people

Sleep escapes me when bad timing takes it toll. I don't have pangs - just how it goes sometimes. My timing has been off for awhile. Have you seen it? I think it's banging my sleep when I go off to work. Typical.

I need to go eat now. I'll be there at noon.
My friends add 15 minutes to that.
they know better.

I should take them bowling.

[end live journal]


  1. "I think it's banging my sleep when I go off to work. Typical."

    no, no... they're just friends
    and have to work late too.

    ...if you want company, after company workday time, I'm always up to see some Robert. You make me smile.


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