I saw Nacho Libre last night

I went to see a screening of Nacho Libre by myself and possibly snubbed a cute girl I know (socially) in the lobby. I need glasses to avoid this again. I've seen her up close and she's cute and has big blue eyes. I know these things. I did the research (this phrase still rocks).

If you like Jack Black as in you like his eyebrows moving up and down, and love when he looks into the camera and sings (ala the D), and dig the fake hand trumpets, and a cute, straight-forward story line with wrestling scenes that don't overdo the silliness, then you will agree with my five lorange rating. This also applies to the nun in real life.

If you hate Jack Black (some do) you will agree that this Nickelodeon produced movie is enjoyable for the whole family and deserves 3.5 loranges at least.

"Accidentally" getting drunk afterwards with Ashley and the Honey Pot gets 6 loranges.


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