I have nothing

Mondays are slow, esp. at 6.30 pm

Hey what's up peeps?

Ok it's Wednesday, I have half a tank of gas, and I'm ready to call it a day. One would think that something must've happen in the last 72 hours that would be worth writing about. It's not like didn't spend six hours drinking on Monday watching Point Break with strangers at the Little Cave. That's a post right there. I can also not mention the reconnection with another old (girl) friend thanks to myspace. Nor would I want to bore you with catching She's Your Sister's 50th (kick ass) show at Zen and the ten minutes spent trying to place four people in the bar.

are they in band?
are they friends of a band?
are they friends of bloggers I read?
are they bloggers I read?
are they looking at me for the same reason or because I'm a freak?

damn I hate that.

I have six things on my mind,
and you're no longer one of them

Sadly money, wanting to move, having to buy a suit, working on details for my sister's wedding in a few weeks, dealing with paraniod managers at work are all on my mind lately.

I bought a lotto ticket today. wow.


  1. I've got the angry T-rex face on.

    Originally dubbed that from this one
    from the show where I met the other half of Pu$$y-Cow

    and then Chissum continues the perturbed thunderlizzard look

    you know what? fuck Blogger and it's "you can't post pictures in comments" BULLSHIT


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