Monster Fascination

blurry pic is mine of course

I have to thank Jane for pointing me last November to The Naturals which led me to the Kutting Room shows in Santa Monica (which died right after I heard about it), in turn landed me to the completely addicting band Monsters are Waiting. In the last six months they've sold out of their ep at Amoeba, opened the west coast leg of She Wants Revenge shows and just released a full length on Retone/Leftwing Recordings - Hoola Hoop Records.

Anyhow I caught their sold-out record release show at the Troubadour last week opening for the equally rising on the national scene band Mellowdrone.

I have trouble describing music so I'll just say that Monsters are Waiting, especially due in part to singer Annalee calling from the ocean depths voice, was sophisticated and completely captivating.

The set ended perfectly with a strong cover of I want the Stone Rose's "I want to be adored" and Corey stating this band was easily worth the ten dollars to get in.

Random #1: WTF is up with kids at concerts these days? I get so tired looking at these groups just standing up front with total blank looks on their faces as if they were watching TV and not a live show. Someone tell these kinderhipsters that it's cool to bob your head to the music. Really it is. I just don’t understand why one would pay for a show and just stand there. If you don't like it leave and let me get closer. Gees.

Ok MAW are playing free shows the next two Mondays at Spaceland and here's their new video for "Fascination"


I'm happy I finally caught this local favorite after owning the ep and the first album for a long time now. Everything I've heard off the second album Box has been great and sounded wonderful live. Corey thought them a bit like The Killers and was a little surprised by how much people were into them that night. This song/video pretty much captures what they sound like. I quite enjoyed them.

Random #2: Saw Clea DuVall there.


  1. yeah...i don't get kids...or ANYONE for that matter...who go to concerts...stand ANYWHERE...and the MINIMUM...bop their head to the music... I can you NOT? Maybe they are dead inside.

    I also don't get people who pay money to go to shows to talk to their friends. Those people need to die a slow painful death at the hands of me.


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