let me just say - nothing

A word about what has been going on with me these last couple weeks:

Yesterday (Wednesday to be exact, like yesterday wasn't exact in a misleading way) I was in the worst mood at work by 8.30 am.

I hated everything yesterday (Wednesday)
Work, me, work, me, work.

I had driven to work with my little recorder in hand thinking I was going to win the lottery that night. How did I know that for sure? Well you know that signs from above come in group of 3s; it’s a proven fact written in the bible or the back of boxes of Lucky Charms or something. Don't question - just believe.

The signs came from a couple random sources on my early morning commute:

A golden star smiled down on me and spoke: "Famous Stars are only 99 cents at Carl's Jr" I think he even winked.

A clown made eye contact with me at a stoplight. A creepy clown smile given as he pointed to the sign he motioned up and down. Damn, a dancing clown and Big Macs haven't been a dollar in years I thought.

Obviously I was going to be blessed with the winning lotto numbers next. My winning numbers - not your winning numbers = MY winning numbers because I'm a winner!

But I'm not a winner. There was no third sign, no numbers on a buried hatch, no button to push, and some days not even my overly optimistic self can overcome my frustration with potential loserdom. Ok it's not that bad but I'm stressed, and was slightly paranoid I was going to lose my job (I'm not) for a couple days there (long story). Mix restless nights over work and a recent disappointment in how I stop myself out of fear (again) and you could imagine I've been a big ball-o-fun to be around. Hence skipped shows - skipped posts.

Grr. This post is way too livejournal-ly.
Anyhow, plenty more badly written posts coming up real soon. Have a good weekend - I'll be drunk at the Kiss or Kill picnic (see two posts down)


  1. Anonymous8:20 AM

    I know where your luck went wrong. You mentioned that the star told you that Famous Stars are 99cents and then you reflect on the fact that Big Macs havent' been a dollar in years. You clearly misread the signs. Too bad!


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